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St. Marks and First

September 9, 2014

Smell is everything, isn’t it? It triggers memories instantaneously, bringing you back to a vacation, an event, a person like you never left, for whatever brief moment in time. Smell can remind you of a vague memory and allow you grasp it once again.

If you could bottle up your childhood home, what would it smell like? Or your neighborhood? Or your city? My childhood yard, in the fall, would smell of ripened pears and drying leaves, with a hint of the pumpkins that grow down the road.

New York smells a little different, sometimes not the best, but in the fall, everything changes. I noticed it this week, the harvest moon made the winds change on cue and in came the soft smells of hot lattes, nutmeg and subtle flowers.

Oak Candles

Since we know smell can so intimately trigger our noses, Oak created beautiful minimalist candles based on areas of New York to transport you to that corner for a moment in time. They have delightful details as well, like St. Marks + First (East Village) is meant to evoke “metallic, trash and vaudeville, incense, sweat, concrete booze, and vintage clothing stores” while Mckibben + Bogart (Bushwick) sends scents of “wood, oil, paint thinner, incense, booze, dust, ICR vs. Deth Killers of Bushwick, and artists lofts.”

Oak Bushwick Oak

Don’t they sound scrumptious? (Also available: Bleecker + MacDougal, Christopher + West 76th, Prince + Mercer)

Visit Oak’s website to get a smell of New York. And take a moment to smell this amazing season change! {Photo’s all via Oak.}






Good Mood Monday

September 8, 2014

Happily, my long-run hiatus has come to a close and I am finally home, where I should be, writing about New York and travel and life and funny finds and family. I’ve missed this place quite a lot and am excited to share in new adventures here — so tell me, what do you want to hear? where do you want me to explore in New York? what’s catching your eye lately? how was your summer?

This week, I’ll be sharing some photos from our reception and our honeymoon, teach you something new about Bushwick and, because it is fashion week around here, tell you what I’ve been eyeing lately. But it seems fitting to start on a Monday with some things that are making me happy this week…

French Alps

+Third Birthdays. Our Finny’s birthday is today! And that boy can put a smile on your face with just his eyes. He is loving, adventurous and beyond hilarious. I so wish I could chat with him all the time, but until I see you next, my darling Godson, happy birthday!

Good Mood Monday

+Big Parties. In case you didn’t know, we had a large (large) reception at the end of July to celebrate our small (small) ceremony. And we had so much fun!! To all our family and friends who made it out to celebrate, and to all of those who helped us pull it off, we are forever indebted and deeply thankful.


+Honeymoons. And then we skipped town for the majority of August, gallivanting through vineyards and seasides in Italy. We fell in love with the rich history, the immense pieces of art and the natural beauty of the country.


+Coming Home. After a three-month hiatus, I’m back into my routines, the swing of things, the day-to-day. And I truly am so happy to be back. I’ve missed being in New York every weekend, exploring all the new street corners that seem to rapidly change with the seasons, the crowds of the avenues and the quietness of the courtyards. It feels so good to be back.

+Being an Extrovert.One thing I noticed while traveling with Josh in a country where I know very little of the language is that I am an extrovert. I find energy in other people’s energy. I can’t wait to dive more into this; I was fascinated how much I thrive on others (and feel quite tired when alone).

+Roman Pizza (all pizza). Considering how much pizza we ate in Italy, one could assume I would be sick of it (I am sick of: pasta and wine). But pizza, my friend, I still craving heavily.

+September. We came back to the hottest day of the summer. But since then, it has cooled off significantly around here. With the chill comes postseason baseball, college football and changing leaves. I love this month, above all others.

+Really, amazing, wonderful friends.This life has given me amazing friends and I am so thankful for each and every one of them.

+Good Reads.In anticipation of exploration in Italy, I “only” brought three books to read. But, I flew through them quickly! So I bought two more before the trip was over and was able to get through all five before we returned to the states.


+Shake it off.


So, friends, what is putting you in a good mood this week? I’m dying to hear!



Our Wedding!

August 1, 2014

Big Sur Wedding

Almost two months of silence around here, two blissful months of amazing happenings but I’ve missed you. I’m not sure if I told you, and I don’t think I did, but we decided to have two weddings. One being small and intimate with just our immediate families, at the spot where Josh proposed last year, and the other being an all-out bash with both of our large families and all of our friends dancing the night away in a cornfield back home in Ohio.

And both turned out quite spectacularly.

The weekend in Big Sur was more than we could have ever imagined. The serenity of the little town depicted the vibes for the whole weekend — relaxed, quiet and effortless. And while getting used to no cell phone service was hard at first, in the end it was exactly what we needed. Josh and I truly felt like we were weaving our whole lives together with our families sharing meals, stories and the ceremony. It felt like every piece of my heart was surrounding me as I stood there to tell Josh I was going to choose him everyday for the rest of our lives.

alex_josh_014 alex_josh_030 alex_josh_033

The night before, I slept next to my best friend. We woke up in the morning and ate avocado toast on the deck. My families rental house was situated on the top of a mountain that over looked the ocean. We slowly began to put the flowers together that were needed for the day; the deck became a lavender oasis. The morning inched along slowly, probably in anticipation of the fast evening ahead. I felt calm and incredibly happy the whole day. I love that everyone who was going to be at the ceremony was in the house, that we had no time restrictions and that there was no stress. I love that my sisters and my mom helped me slip into my dress, that Josh’s mom was able to be there and that I was able to act somewhat natural with photographers all around me. My bouquet was made by Em, with Whole Food flowers we picked up the day before, and when they handed it to me, my sisters had attached a gold locket with pictures of my grandpa and grandma.

alex_josh_041 alex_josh_042 alex_josh_044 alex_josh_054 alex_josh_058 alex_josh_069alex_josh_099

Josh and I choose not to see each other before the ceremony but we did exchange letters, his meticulously written days before and I’m sure was typed out and re-typed to make sure it was perfect. Mine was scribbled that morning and handed off to him.


My dad was already in tears when he came up the steps to see me for the first time. He could hardly look at me, but I couldn’t stop smiling. I know how much he loves me. And as we waited for Josh to head out before we walked down the stairs, my favorite picture was snapped of us peeping out the window, Dad telling me not to look because as much as Josh couldn’t see me, I forgot that I couldn’t see him either.

alex_josh_096 alex_josh_100

We eventually made it to the cars and drove down the mountain in the row, joking and laughing the whole way in the car. When we got to the valley, everyone headed down to the cliff except for me and dad, and we waited patiently for them to take their positions. We could slyly look over the brush to see where everyone was, but we mostly just joked with each other about the long walk ahead. And then we made our way, through a field of wildflowers, with a small, jagged aisle all the way to a seaside cliff where Josh waited patiently. That walk was long, and I was so happy it was; those minutes with dad were particularly special to me.

alex_josh_118 alex_josh_122 alex_josh_125 alex_josh_142 alex_josh_146 alex_josh_149 alex_josh_157

And then we got to Josh, and my dad handed me away. And with our families surrounding us, we prayed over our marriage, exchanged some pretty gold rings and said some simple words that we will live out for a life time.

alex_josh_170 alex_josh_178 alex_josh_180 alex_josh_189 alex_josh_219 alex_josh_224 alex_josh_232 alex_josh_243 alex_josh_246


alex_josh_247 alex_josh_248 alex_josh_249 alex_josh_251

Josh had said in his letter “We choose a beautiful place to get married, but I will only be looking at you.” And that is how I felt — me and Josh and our families on a cliff making promises for the rest of our lives. And it was the absolute best day of my life.

So enjoy a few more pictures, because we have them and they are beautiful. And if you want to see the awesome video, click here and use the password bigsur.

alex_josh_253 alex_josh_254 alex_josh_264 alex_josh_276 alex_josh_282 alex_josh_291 alex_josh_355 alex_josh_369 alex_josh_370 alex_josh_371 alex_josh_372 alex_josh_381 alex_josh_383 alex_josh_392 alex_josh_418 alex_josh_434 alex_josh_441 alex_josh_502 alex_josh_504

Oh, and we ate, drank and danced of course!

alex_josh_520 alex_josh_534 alex_josh_552 alex_josh_567 alex_josh_570 alex_josh_590 alex_josh_600 alex_josh_605 alex_josh_625

…we will be back with the bash.


{Photos by Julia Robbs and Jacqueline Pierson of Our Labor of Love}

You Ain’t that Busy.

June 5, 2014
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You Ain't That Busy

This graphic says it all.

Busy should be banned. It should be drowned with all the other negative words: bossy, arrogant, flakey. Because the truth is every person you meet is busy. They all have minds moving a million miles a minute, they all have their lives, their stressors, their obligations. Work meetings, events, drinks with an old friend, dinner with a husband, soccer games, Rangers games, books to read.

Weddings to plan.

And while right now I feel busy, I know one day I’ll be more busy in some new, dramatic way. It ebbs and flows, a season of overwhelming to-do lists now will one day lead to a season of rest.

But until then, I should face it. I ain’t that busy.

And I miss you. I do hope you are not that busy either!

{Graphic via Paperless Post}

Good Mood Monday

May 12, 2014

{A collection of sweet things and moments that filled my heart this week.}

Floral Crowns

+33 Years. In 33 years, I can only hope to have with Josh the relationship my parents have. God blessed many with their love, and continues to.


+Mother’s Day. There are so many mothers in our lives. Here is to hoping the each one had the most relaxing day possible (although, if you mothers are anything like mine, they spent the day pleasing their mothers, too).

Good Mood Monday

+Celebrations. Celebrating any and all things that come our way lately: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, babies, church launches. All good things, all with a need to be joyous over.

+Bernath Bash Bachelorette. We did a little girls night in the city, filled with amazing friends, mini apple pies and lots of dancing. I could not have asked for better friends in this city to make me feel home.

+Bernath Bash Bachelor. Especially with Josh down in Low Country with all of the guys golfing, paint balling and what I’m sure turned into a few too many beers.

Good Mood Monday

+Sacrifices. My life is full right now. Filled with thank you note writing, timeline making, vendor confirming, song choosing tasks that take over the extra minutes. Work is requiring later evenings than normal, weekends are filled with additional work. And something must be sacrificed. Like this space, right here. Just a bit though, and not forever. While I’m not writing every day, know that I’m happy nonetheless, ready to provide you with slivers of good moods throughout the next few weeks.

+The Fault in Our Stars. Darn books taking up time, too. But it’s oh, so good. I can’t wait to cry in the end, which is soon. (I started it Friday.)

+Up next:All the Light We Cannot See. Have you read it?

+Sunshine. Because, hello spring.

Good Mood Monday



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