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Good Mood Monday

October 7, 2013

Good Mood Monday

I’m diving in today…

+One Year. Yesterday was Miken and Tim’s one year anniversary. How did time go by so fast? Cheers to many more you two lovebirds!

+Flowers, flowers, flowers. Loving all the plants and flowers this season. Can’t get enough succulents…


+Cheese. I had cheese for dinner 4 our of seven nights in the past week. I’m not at all mad about it.

+Opportunities. Holding tight to what is in front of me, I’m excited for opportunities that are presenting themselves.

+Stringing Lights. Cute big bulbs strung around a hip restaurant in the Bowery celebrating an engagement I am very fond of with two of my favorite girls sounds like a perfect Wednesday night.

+New York Notes. I’ve been noticing the “graffiti” a lot more than normal; love notes written on side walks talking about love and loneliness. “I miss _____” and “Bad Luck Spot” are two I saw this morning. But my favorite is this one because when I run past it, I like to think that is what I am running towards.

to the moon

+Exhaustion. As tired as I have been these past few weeks, I know that it is all worth it. Late nights, early mornings, invitations, ceremonies, programs, registrations, decorations… too much fun, too little sleep. (Josh would argue because I took a nap yesterday.)

+Water. It’s all I am craving lately.

+Too Close for Comfort. But a win nonetheless. Go Bucks.

+And a song for your week. Because it was the song Tim sang to Miken when he proposed and the song they danced to at their wedding. And I love it.

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