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October 7, 2014

I’m a week late on this. That tends to be happening — being late, neglecting this space. And I’ve been noticing and missing and needing to create and be here. But life has had other plans, busy plans, work plans, trying to catch up on sleep plans. So I did just that, worked hard and caught up on sleep after the craziest and best year of my life.



25 brought so much joy — the entirety of our wedding planning, the growth of careers, the changing of lives, the constant good moods, the art New York offers…and then…

Our wedding. And our reception. And our honeymoon (pictures to come). And less writing here because of those three crazy big things that consumed this summer. Those crazy wonderful things that made us husband and wife.

So as I dive into 26, I can’t help but reflect on what I set out to do in my 25th year and what I can do to better myself in my 26th. Last year, I planned to be intentional, something that, if I were to measure and could measure, I may have failed at. This is something that it not intuitive to me and I wish in every decision I made, it was intentional instead of a whim. But I do think by planning a big day and taking part in so many “big days”, I am learning to be more intentional; it continues to be something I will work on.

Being kind allows you to see the kindness in the world around you. And it makes you love the world around you. When you are angry or annoyed (which comes to us often), kill your offender with kindness, and your worries will go away. I also vowed to be confident, keep sweating and keep learning. Three things I will take with me into 26, along with the following…

Be decisive and strong. I’m not a decisive person and not because I don’t care or I don’t know — because I want to make people happy and perhaps what’s best for me is not what they want (example: choosing a restaurant). So this year I’m going to work on deciding on the small things in life.

Live healthy. This has become a priority to me in the past two years: eating healthier, focusing on being happy in my skin, using healthy products in my day to day life. But it’s an ongoing process and I’m excited to continue to grow!

Prioritize with clarity. Sometimes I take on too much, sometimes I take on too little. I need to learn to prioritize in all aspects in life — what is most important to me and be intentional in saying no to those that I’m not finding the time to do.

Stop complaining. I’ve been struggling with this immensely lately. Everything coming out of my mouth sounds like a complaint. I’m not quite sure how to turn this around yet, but I’ll study and get back to you.

Christ-filled. This adventure to focus on the purpose here is ever changing and growing. And I hope that it continue to mold me into the Christ-filled person I strive to be.

Here is to another amazing year, full of love kindness and friends. 25 will be hard to beat but I’m up to the challenge.


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  1. barb shellhammer permalink
    October 7, 2014 9:12 pm

    I love you! And love hearing the voice I so miss through your words! Keep writing my sweet girl.

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