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Good Mood Monday

May 12, 2014

{A collection of sweet things and moments that filled my heart this week.}

Floral Crowns

+33 Years. In 33 years, I can only hope to have with Josh the relationship my parents have. God blessed many with their love, and continues to.


+Mother’s Day. There are so many mothers in our lives. Here is to hoping the each one had the most relaxing day possible (although, if you mothers are anything like mine, they spent the day pleasing their mothers, too).

Good Mood Monday

+Celebrations. Celebrating any and all things that come our way lately: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, babies, church launches. All good things, all with a need to be joyous over.

+Bernath Bash Bachelorette. We did a little girls night in the city, filled with amazing friends, mini apple pies and lots of dancing. I could not have asked for better friends in this city to make me feel home.

+Bernath Bash Bachelor. Especially with Josh down in Low Country with all of the guys golfing, paint balling and what I’m sure turned into a few too many beers.

Good Mood Monday

+Sacrifices. My life is full right now. Filled with thank you note writing, timeline making, vendor confirming, song choosing tasks that take over the extra minutes. Work is requiring later evenings than normal, weekends are filled with additional work. And something must be sacrificed. Like this space, right here. Just a bit though, and not forever. While I’m not writing every day, know that I’m happy nonetheless, ready to provide you with slivers of good moods throughout the next few weeks.

+The Fault in Our Stars. Darn books taking up time, too. But it’s oh, so good. I can’t wait to cry in the end, which is soon. (I started it Friday.)

+Up next:All the Light We Cannot See. Have you read it?

+Sunshine. Because, hello spring.

Good Mood Monday


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  1. Ashley Verhoff permalink
    July 19, 2014 2:56 am

    LOVE this song by Christina Perri. Thanks for introducing me, Alex 🙂

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