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Good Mood Monday

May 5, 2014

{A collection of sweet things and moments that filled my heart this week.}

Good Mood Monday   

+This DudeWe celebrated Josh’s birthday last week. While normally I would throw surprises and take him to long tasting menu dinners, this year we played it low-key, tried a few new restaurants and ate peanut butter cookies with friends.

+New York, this week. She really shined. From Thursday until today and looking forward over the next few days, New York is deciding it’s time to show off. It’s about time, old friend.

Good Mood Monday

Good Mood Monday

+New Vinyl. Parachutes vinyl, Yellow perfectly streamed, Coldplay on SNL.

Good Mood Monday

+Buck Hunt. Josh and friends have entered a buck hunting league, the arcade game where you shoot bucks (not doe’s!) and try to shot as many as possible. They put on camo hats and get rowdy at a bar. It’s really fun to watch and cheer on our team.

+Babysitting Darlings. 18 months is the best age. I don’t spend much time with 18 month old girls (see: Jace, Finn, Frey) so I was so excited to get to spend some time with a new little friend last week. She was silly, athletic and charming with the sweetest laugh. Made me miss my boys.

+The Campbell Apartment. The wedding this weekend took place at The Campbell Apartment, a unique lounge tucked away in Grand Central Terminal. The ceremony made everyone cry, the jazz made everyone dance and the space made everyone feel like they belonged at Gatsby’s mansion.

Good Mood Monday

+Practicing. I had the distinct pleasure of practicing my photography on the beautiful Christy this week. She needed head shots, I have a camera and the sun was all out, flaunting itself. So we spent the evening hair flipping and capturing her beautiful smile. And then we went to listen our good friend play an amazing set in the Lower East Side. (PS: go check out Clinton and plan on seeing him play on Saturday at Rockwood.)

Good Mood Monday

+Spring Flowers. I had a rough week last week, and Josh brought home flowers that are filling this apartment with the scent of a meadow. What a wonderful smell to walk into every evening.

+Google. And the fact that they now offer same day delivery in Manhattan. While this pushes our need for instant gratification, it is quite an accomplishment. You can read more about same delivery here.



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