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Good Mood Monday

April 28, 2014

{A collection of sweet things and moments that filled my heart this week.}

Good Mood Monday

+Mornings. Sometimes I hate everything about 7:00 am but lately there have been morning doves purring and sunlight on my face poking me to wake up for the day. It’s getting easier again; hibernation is ending,

+Gardens. Finding gardens in backs of coffee shops, sipping on macchiatos and chatting with friends about living in an apartment with a balcony, a view or even closet.

+Chai. Eating or drinking chai anything. (Seriously, chai scones.)

+Let me just get one. This transcends all aspects of life, wanting just one of something and then one of something else. I’m trying to stop wanting irrelevant things and filling my life with strong relationships instead.

Good Mood Monday

+Blooming. The trees are pink and green, set for another beautiful summer ahead.

+Old Friendships. Em in the city, catching up with one of the oldest friendships I have, meeting new friends and visiting street fairs.

Good Mood Monday

+April. Filled my heart. We celebrated Josh’s birthday with amazing restaurants and food all weekend long.

+Wedding Bands. They are officially in our hands and will be placed on our hands in just two short months. I love the simplicity of our bands, how they fit perfectly together.

+Stars. Because we are made of stars and stardust… I “want” this new tattoo.

Star Tattoo


Happy Monday, darlings. Wishing you a relaxing week.

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  1. April 29, 2014 12:43 pm

    My favorite song right now ❤

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