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Good Mood Monday

April 7, 2014

{A collection of sweet things and moments that made me joyful this week.}


+Naked Lady Party. Yesterday, a group of women took all the clothes that they don’t wear anymore to one apartment and shopped through all of them, swapping and stripping and switching, bringing new life to pieces that may have been shoved in backs of closets for months. All the pieces that weren’t chosen were then donated. We ate too, obviously.

+The Funk. Josh tried on a light blue mock-up of his suit and happened to bring a light pink shirt to try underneath. Not only did he match with the Easter season perfectly, but “We’ve Got the Funk” started playing in the warehouse, so dancing was a given.

Good Mood Monday

+Being Productive. We are at a point now, four months out, that planning becomes consuming. And we want to stay on top of everything; productivity is key.

+Writing. But, as you’ve probably noticed, being productive at work and in planning, my writing has decreased immensely. I will continue to try to balance everything but bear with me. Relaxation is important too.

+Frozen. I finally watched Frozen this weekend, after singing Let it Go over and over in my head for months. It really is a beautiful movie — proving that sisterhood is quite the special bond.

+Bitter Cold. It’s gone. For real; there are no more days this spring where I wake up to sub freezing temperatures. Bring on the rain and flowers, April!

+Flinder’s LaneOur new restaurant of the weekend was nestled in the East Village with an Asian flair and mouth-watering avocado and seaweed salad, crispy tofu and flaky red snapper. I am so happy for this new find!

+Just MarriedThe best wedding photos of the year.

+NCAA. The tournament is wrapping up and for the first time ever, I came in second place. I would say that isn’t bad out of 125:)


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