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Good Mood Monday

March 31, 2014

{A collection of sweet things and moments that made me joyful this week.}

Good Mood Monday

+A Quick Break. Getting away for a weekend can make all the difference. While today was full of work and errands, just going into the week well rested and relaxed gives me hope for the busy months ahead.

+Weddings. I happen to see a lot of weddings, but no matter the decor, the music, the food or the venue, nothing can beat watching two incredible, witty, smart and beautiful people that we all love get married. Congrats Adam and Jess!

Good Mood Monday

+Miami. It did not hurt that the destination of their wedding was Miami with sun, exploration, art and warmth.

Good Mood Monday

+March. The weather was unpredictable but the ease and quickness of the month has led us to April, with rain and new beginnings. I’m so excited for spring!

+Snapchat. With your sisters all night, pretending to be part of a birthday party 500 miles away.

+Registry. We are started to receive gifts and I have made an executive decision that we need a bigger apartment. Until that dream comes true, boxes will accumulate until I decide to clear out room in our kitchen. (Everything new is so lovely!)

+Love + Elvis. Just some graffiti for your week.

Good Mood Monday Good Mood Monday

+Favors. Our favors are DIY and at first I was unsure about them. Now that we are finishing them up, I’m love their simplicity and functionality. (You’ll have to wait and see what they are:)

+New Dress. I have been trying my best not to shop this Lenten season, but I gave myself a little room for a bridal shower dress. And I love it!


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