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Good Mood Monday

March 24, 2014

{A collection of sweet things and moments that made me joyful this week.}

Good Mood Monday

+Spring Forth. Yesterday, a group of incredibly talented artists showcased their abilities at Spring Forth: An Artists Showcase. There was music, storytelling, comedy and many laughs. It was an amazing production put on by some awesome people. We are so proud of everyone who came and made it happen!

+Doughnuts. Because… Sunday.

Good Mood Monday

+First Dances + Tap Dances. Our wedding this weekend took place in one of the studios at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and the evening views of the city were beautiful. What got me about this one, though, were all of the special touches by the bride. A choreographed first dance to Lady Gaga’s “You and I”, a last dance to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” and a special tap dancer brought in to surprise the Mother of the Bride.

+Making Lists. Saturday morning was made for making lists of items that need to get done for the wedding. It was nice to get them all down and to have Josh help think things through.

+Heading Towards Warmth. While today is still in the low 30’s, the sun is shining and I know this weekend will be full of warmth. Mainly because we will be in Miami, so warmth is a guarantee, right? When we get back in the city next week, I am hoping for 50 degrees until September.

Good Mood Monday

+Madness. My bracket has yet to bust. Here is to upsets and the Baylor Bears (sick ’em! — learned that last night.)

+Espresso and Homemade Jam. I don’t often over indulged in dough-nutty sweets but this weekend, on top of the doughnuts, we had a coffee cake with homemade jam and espresso poured on top at The Cleveland and it was amazing.

Good Mood Monday

+The Ten Happiest CountriesAll seem to be packed into northern Europe, meaning we should all move there quickly.

+My Camera. I feel like I have not connected with my camera in weeks and I miss it. I promise to come back to it. It makes me so happy.


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