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Good Mood Monday

March 17, 2014

{A collection of sweet things and moments that made me joyful this week.}


+Patina Roller Jam. Patina Vintage Rentals, based in Brooklyn, threw the coolest party ever for wedding vendors. Again, hundreds of super creative people in one room but this time, they were there to party and roller skate. Some came with their own skates, some rented and just about everyone grabbed some pizza, a drink, got inked and had a blast. Thank you Patina, for loving on us!


+Haircuts. A year a half without a haircut and you really forget how relaxing it is.

+Large, Italian dinners. Filled with pasta, sangria, wine, chatting and celebrating.

+Celebrating. Celebrating Christy, of course.

+Spring ForthOSNY Productions is hosting a great event this weekend called Spring Forth: An Artists’ Showcase here in New York on Sunday. Filled with comedy, music and great stories told by great people, I am excited to see this event come to fruition. If you are in New York and would like to join, let me know!

Spring Forth

+TinksOur new restaurant of the weekend was still in the East Village neighborhood but was a pleasant surprise. We will be going back.

+Madness. Are you ready for March Madness? This is going to be fun.

+Double Chocolate Banana BreadUmmm…. yes, please!

+Monday. There was a discussion this weekend about people reading this list every Monday, week after week. Sometimes it’s disappointing because it seems I am always in a good mood and perhaps, on this particular Monday, you are not. I have to admit to you now: I am not always in a good mood. And that’s why I love this list because it forces me to think about the happiness. I urge you to take part. Tell me what put you in a good mood today…


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  1. Jayne permalink
    March 19, 2014 10:09 am

    Good mood monday was brought on after a restful weekend without work and catching up with old friends. And the banana bread from Gemma (we missed you) which is inspiring me to make some in the near future (I think I’ll try the SK recipe you posted). So happy that you got to try Tinks – its a hidden gem.

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