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In-between Time

March 4, 2014

Adam Magyar, a somewhat eclectic man, with long flowing locks and a technically artistic mind, began taking innocuous street portraits in his late twenties, which quickly evolved into experimental photography, using some of the most advanced digital technology ever created. His own coding merged with this technology creates precise photos with clarity unseen by most others. He infuses art, life and human existence with clarity and technology.

In Between Time

His series, Stainless, which is shot in the dreary undergrounds of the world’s subway stations, is the very depiction of the human element in time. Or, as Magyar puts it, “in-between time.” The photos are timeless, in the least ironic way possible. They are clear, precise moments that, while looking, can make you lose track.

“Their graceful movements contrast with the stillness of the commuters in the foreground—a jolting reminder that the image one is witnessing is not a photo, but a stretched-out moment—what Magyar calls ‘in-between time,'” says Matter

You can check out the amazing profile of Adam Magyar on Matter, here. And check out all of his work, here.

{Top photo via Matter}

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