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Good Mood Monday

March 3, 2014

{A collection of sweet things and moments that made me joyful this week.}


+Cycle for Survival. This is our second year participating in this amazing fundraiser and not enough can be said for the passion, dedication and fight that is instilled in all of the riders. This event has raised over $50 million for rare cancer research and knowing that we are the smallest part of that is amazing.

Good Mood Monday

+The Academy Awards. Did you watch? Did any wins surprise you? (I, for one, loved Jared Leto’s win and speech.) The whole show brought on a whole world of emotions.

+Dresses. And those dresses! I loved them — all! But my favorite was Lupita’s, because that girl is just too beautiful for words.

Lupita Nyong'o Oscar dress

+Purple. Will be showing itself everywhere over the next 6 weeks.

+Chocolate Chip Cookies. Sometime you just need them, crave them and make a ton of them.

+Glasses. I need to wear my glasses more. My eyes just feel better when I do.

+Dallas Buyers Club. See this movie. For all of you wondering why Matthew and Jared both won Oscars, see this movie. For all of you who do not know about how serious the AIDS epidemic was in the late 1980s, see this movie. For all of those who are still living with a stigma against AIDS, see this movie. HIV/AIDS is still a real issue in this world and needs continuous attention and support.

+Naked Babies. Getting pictures of my toddlers sitting around naked, just being themselves makes me happy. Miss my boys.

+Ash Wednesday. Preparing for the death… and resurrection over the season.


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  1. March 4, 2014 10:26 am

    I may receive backlash for this, but man, The Moon Song might have deserved the Oscar more than Let it Go. There, I said it.

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