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A Love Letter

February 13, 2014

It’s been a few days, I know, but sometimes, when your eyes are heavy with sleep and your mind is racing with ideas, it’s hard to settle down and write. And then a beautiful snow storm hits this simple city and the next thing you know, work says go home two hours early.

Yes, I’ll take it. I’ll pack and write and dream for those two hours. So that is what I am doing. Suitcase open, light sweaters going in but no winter wear. Not in California where it’s forty degrees warmer than anything I have felt in three months. Where the coast is misted and the water is cool.

And we’ll finish some ceremony plans and eat good food and have no cell service and take deep breaths and see beautiful things. And I can’t wait.

But, before we go for a few days, I wanted give you a cute gift idea for Valentine’s day…

While we are not ones to celebrate, I do think love is an important emotion that should be thought about and reflected on often. Even if it is just feeling the love you have for your city. So “A Love Letter to the City” would be a perfect book to sit in a New York apartment, just to remind us all in these snowy and cold months that this place is, undoubtedly, beautiful.

A Love Letter to the City

What are your plans for the holiday? Do you celebrate at all?

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