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Good Mood Monday

February 10, 2014

{A collection of sweet things and moments that made me joyful this week.}

Good Mood Monday

+50 years. There was a beautiful tribute last night to The Beatles and their 50 years of coming to the States. It was phenomenal to see all of the artists directly impacted by the four guys from Liverpool, and the entire nation completely overtaken with praise for their music. If you did not get a chance to watch last night, I highly recommend you do, even if you are not a Beatle fan.

+Sochi. It makes me nervous when I see the beauty in a city so far away that was never on my radar for visiting (one day). It makes me want to research every city in every country in the world and then travel to them all. Isn’t Sochi breathtaking?

Good Mood Monday

+Opening Ceremony. Did you happen to watch? I loved everything about this ceremony, from the little dreamer to the projections and the history of Russia that I would have never known otherwise.

+Galentine’s Day. When a group of girl friends hang out and talk about life, love, careers and friendship. I loved every second of my time spent with these ladies and am excited for another excursion.

Good Mood Monday

+Mason jars. Always, always mason jars.

+Freelancers. I have an image of what freelancing is, of what it could be and the potential that is in store for creative souls. Freedom and uncertainty. Challenging and charming.

+Lean closet movementI think Cuyana has it right. This would be a lovely journey this year.

+Are jean skirts back? Gap, J. Crew and all of the major brands are dressed in knee-length jean skirts that are tattered and torn. I am not sure I am aboard but I am interested to see if it sticks this decade.

+Mushrooms and green peppers. Nothing that smells better as they sautee in a pan.


{Top Image via Beatlegeek}

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