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Cycle for Survival

February 4, 2014

Since 2007, Cycle for Survival raised over $40 million to directly fund rare cancer research. Last year, some friends and I had the opportunity to ride in this life-altering event. The energy, the passion and the adrenaline is soaring; people from all over the country are engaged in the fight for their lives. And in some minuscule way, we are helping. We are bringing the fight back.

I choose to ride again this year for that simple fact: to continue the fight against rare cancer, which 50% of people with cancer are suffering from. I’m fighting for funding, for the memories of loved ones lost, for the potential of loved ones lost in the future.

And I want your help, again. Because it is ever so important to fight with passion for this research.

>>>Come ride with us. Register. Fundraise. Save lives. (Register here.)

>>>Give a gift to my ride. Can’t join? Then give – time or money. (Give to my fight here.)

>>>Pray. For all the souls fighting cancer and all of the families affected.

I thank you, with all my heart, in advance. Because I know for however short a time you took to read this small note, a thought came from your heart and you are thinking about someone you love.

Cycle for Survial


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