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Simple Rings

January 29, 2014

Simple Engagement Rings (and Bands!)

Diamonds are not my thing. The bling, the sparkle, the in-your-face-I’m-getting-married-5-carat-New-York-style just doesn’t suit me. (Girls, if you have one, flaunt it.) I simply enjoy… simplicity.

When Josh and I first start talking about getting engaged and making this life changing commitment, I voiced my diamond concerns. I pointed out a few rings that had different gems but mostly, I pointed out rings that contained no gem or diamond. Just a band of gold symbolizing what rings are intended to symbolize: an intentional commitment to each other, forever. And people thought I was crazy.

One day, Josh and I were walking home from lunch on a random sunny Saturday and stumbled upon Love Adorned in SoHo. A simple shop full of artists love and beautiful things, focused on organic and homemade items such as this and this. And that is where I found Anna Sheffield and fell in love with her rings. After a quick rush home and check of her site, I knew I would fall in love with anything she put in front of me. I told Josh this one was it (above), we went a tried it on a few months later (plus a few others), he added a little of his spin and then he proposed with it. That Hazeline with a “yellow-brown” diamond gets me every time I look down.

Simple Engagement Rings (and Bands!)

Even though I have been converted to a life of diamonds, our bands will still be subtle, simple and sexy. Here are a few I am falling in love with right now…

Simple Engagement Rings (and Bands!)

Simple Engagement Rings (and Bands!)

[i. kamofie ii. metier iii. giantlion iv. metier]

Simple Engagement Rings (and Bands!)

Simple Engagement Rings (and Bands!)

[i. conroy & wilcox ii. catbird iii. la soula iv. gallery of jewels]

Do you want a diamond engagement ring? Are you a gold or silver person? Curiosity is getting the better of me these days…


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