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Good Mood Monday

January 13, 2014

Just thinking about last week makes me tired — one large event, a vegan cleanse and an inevitable cold that struck my body with pure exhaustion. Thank goodness for getting to sleep early, water and cough drops.

Good Mood Monday

+RejoiceThe word of 2014, for me at least. So we can strive to be “beautiful and balanced.”

+Big EventsThese events that we build in our mind and with our team, for rather important people, every detail that must be depicted perfectly or the world may end. Or not. And when it all comes together beautifully and you know that you had a hand in whatever the event was, even the slightest hand, and everything runs smooth, well, we must applaud. Because it’s not easy.

Good Mood Monday

+The Golden Globes. Because I am watching them as I type this and smiling at Damon, DiCaprio, McConaughey, Watson, Blanchett, Fey, Poehler, Lawrence, Cooper, Streep, Roberts… and Depp (Depp, Depp…). How can you not?

+Floral Crowns. Pola of Rose Hip Social made me the most beautiful floral crown this weekend. And I never want it to die.

Good Mood Monday

+Lovesick. This beautiful wedding expo placed some of the most lovely Brooklyn vendors  at the Music Hall of Williamsburg for a day of meeting brides and grooms, chatting about weddings and rocking out like a bunch of hipsters.

+Twinkle Lights. And Jove had twinkle lights, because there is nothing better.


+Christmas Cards. Hanging on our fridge still, with warm faces offering us joy and peace. Me, graciously accepting well into the new year.

+Open Windows. It’s warm enough to turn off the heat and have the cool breeze clear out our apartment, blowing gently on our curtains. Am I secretly waiting for spring already? I better shut whatever that need is down — we still have a long winter ahead.

+Asparagus. Baked with a bit of olive oil and sea salt, for the perfect snack or side.


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