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Good Mood Monday

December 31, 2013

Good Mood Monday

The last week of 2013. Can you feel it leaving? The chill in the air as it whips away, and your memories are lingering with it. As much as we want to hold on, our fingers slowly uncurl, knowing the moon with bring a new day and with it, a new year. And with it comes new adventures, new ideas and new faith.

I am not one to make resolutions as the calendar shifts it’s time from one year to the next; I choose to be “a better version of myself” every year I turn older. I focus on the moments that impacted me, the me that I most want to be, and try to relive that self from day to day. Practicing kindness, communicating efficiently, loving to no end.

And to be in a good mood includes all of those things. And all of you. So this week, I want to graciously thank you, my family, friends, readers – for supporting me in all of my adventures and beyond. For listening to my silly talk, my little circle, and for impacting me in ways that are unsurpassable. And for consistently putting me in a good mood, week after week.

All the joy, peace and love this New Year’s Eve and in 2014.

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