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Good Mood Monday

December 16, 2013

I was told that Monday I would be in a good mood because the whole weekend was spent with friends from far away. I can’t lie.

Good Mood Monday

+Friends from Far Away. Who get engaged, come visit and bring a few buckeyes together to celebrate with great food and drinks all weekend long.

+Roberta’s. Because we had it on our list for so long and were finally able to enjoy the pizza that tops most Brooklynites lists. (Top of mine now.)

+Friends Doing Big Things. Just know that I am proud of every one of you.

+Snow. Beautiful, white, fluffy snow to fill our busy sidewalks. I missed you.Snow

+Bushwick. The part of Brooklyn we have yet to discover in-depth, the neighborhood has potential of many nights.


+Brooklyn Brewery Closing at 8. Because it was definitely time to go home.

Brooklyn Brew

+Vegan Markets. Held at bars once a month, filled with sweet treats, savory eats and information on all things whole food, plant-based while you sip your beer.

+If Only for a Second. This video captures people who no longer have the ability to be careless, be careless.

+A Day Off. To finish Christmas shopping, eat vegetables and prepare for the weeks ahead.

+Rich Girl.

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  1. December 16, 2013 1:25 pm

    Oh man, I love Roberta’s. Looks and sounds like a perfect NY weekend.

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