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Winter Wedding Inspiration

December 11, 2013

I’ve envisioned small, intimate weddings and large parties. I’ve thought of ceremonies perched on mountains and beaches, safari’s and cities. There is no doubt that when my mind begins to drift to weddings, nothing seems impossible.

This has been a process for me since I was ten. My cousin and I would share weddings with each other by passing a pink binder back and forth from Chicago to Toledo. One of the ceremonies that stayed impressed in my mind for fifteen years was a Christmas or winter theme. Not because I love the holiday colors or the lights; but I love the feeling that comes at this time of year and how family becomes more important than ever.

And although my style has changed from when I was ten (picture: big ball gown, cathedral and poinsettia), there is still a small part that believes a Christmas wedding would be beautiful…

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board

In a small church, covered in snow, filled with everyone you love. Wearing pure white, long sleeves, with subtle gold accents. Looking soft; feeling warm, seeing him. Carrying babysbeath with a red snapdragon here and there and a rosemary touch. A choir singing Canon, their voices filling the room as white petals are dropped from above. Getting married, eating cake at a long table close to a fireplace, dancing to The Avett Brothers and sipping spiked cider, laughing at the groomsmen in bow ties, all the ladies wrapped in faux fur throws. Relishing every moment with your family, friends and, most importantly, husband.

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board

What do you think? Would you have a Christmas wedding?

{Photos, from top to bottom, via: For Emma, Forever Ago, Elizabeth Fillmore, Stone Fox Bride, Ruffled Blog, My Name is Yeh, Pretty Little Flower, Pinterest, For Emma, Forever Ago, 100 Layer Cake}

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board


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  1. December 11, 2013 5:07 pm

    Can I have the TSO version of Canon even if I get married in May? 🙂

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