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Good Mood Monday

December 2, 2013

Good Mood Monday

This Monday seems a bit harder than the rest. Not because of the amount of blessings that put a smile on my face but because we were so spoiled for a short amount of time and now have to go back to work, to normalcy, to New York during the holidays…

+Thanksgiving. How can you not be thankful for the one time during the year when you get to see your family and friends, eat amazing food (stuffing!), catch up, drink, play cards and focus on each other for at least a moment. Thanksgiving is special.

+Girls Days. The newest Shellhammer tradition? Girls day on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We invite any family that is in town and head up to Michigan for some food, drinks and a bit of shopping. It gets better and better every year.

+Rivalry. Every two years, the Buckeyes make their way up to Ann Arbor to play one of the most intense rivalry games in sports. We follow, up 23, to enjoy some hot apple cider and cheer loud for our beloved scarlet and grey. It never matters the records going into the game; anything can happen. And we are always entertained.

Ohio State vs. Michigan 2013

+Best Friends. When you don’t see someone for months but as soon as you do, you fall back into old habits of pure joy. Our high school group is pretty lucky to have that.

+Big Moves. Oh, and my college friends are pretty awesome too, with moves to DC, to Columbus, graduations and engagements, I couldn’t be more happy for these beautiful girls.

+New York During the Holidays, I suppose. As hard as it is to make it to work with the influx of tourists, there is much to be said about appreciating the beauty of the Christmas displays in New York. (Will you be watching the tree lighting on Wednesday?)

+Scones. I’ve had some bad scones in my life; too dry, too crumbly, too blah. But our family has a secret that I hadn’t tried. My mom whipped some up yesterday and I instantly fell in love. I will be making again soon.

+Input. I was finally able to get input from my family and friends on wedding decisions — dress, food and all in between.

+No Delays and Clouds. Just quick, easy flights this holiday. The fact that I have the opportunity to fly makes me quite happy and sunsets from the air are that much better.

Above the US

+Love, love, love.

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