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Good Mood Monday

November 25, 2013

Good Mood Monday

I’ve been listening to a lot of NPR lately, more specifically, Pop Culture Happy Hour which takes pop culture into a deeper conversation than “what she wore.” At the end of every episode, the four panelist go around the room and discuss what is making them happy this week. It’s my favorite part…

+Going Home. Two days and I will be home, enjoying family and friends and good beer and good food. I love Thanksgiving for millions of reasons and I can’t wait to be back in Ohio for a few days.

+Beat M!ch!g@n. Along with Thanksgiving comes an amazing weekend of football. As a buckeye, this week is not taken lightly. We jump in freezing cold lakes, cross out every “m” on campus and road trip to Ann Arbor to crunch into the Big House to, hopefully, watch a win. I’ll be there.

+My First Post. My first post on this blog was somewhat embarrassing but, at the time, I remember how much fun I was having. It was about a midnight showing of The Hunger Games; it was about new friends that I had made; it was about losing the loneliness of New York. I’m still friends with those girls today. And I obviously went to see Catching Fire this weekend.

+Paper. Hanging out with Patricia of the beautiful shop Fourteen-Forty and talking about paper was an excellent way to break up my week.

+Change. We jumped from spring-ish weather to winter. I barely watched the leaves change over the last two weeks but it happened. When I was in Brooklyn this weekend, I was able to catch a glimpse of the red and yellow trees, not yet ready to fall.

Good Mood Monday

+Spontaneous Visits. A call at 10:30 on Sunday night, as I was getting ready for bed, led to a long conversation with our friends who moved across the country without us last year. I’m so happy they stopped by for the one night they were in town.

+Brooklyn Weddings. The Green Building in Brooklyn is a gorgeous, rustic venue. I fell in love with the space. (And that chuppah!)

Good Mood Monday

+Natural Light. Need I say more?

Good Mood Monday

+Pop Culture Happy Hour. Tell me, what is making you happy this week?

+Hey Love.

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