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November 1, 2013

There is no question about what the month of November symbolizes anymore. It is a time where the scarves come out to shield woman’s necks and, perhaps more importantly, the mustaches are grown to protect men’s health.

Over the past several years, the world of Movember has surrounded us, capturing us with it’s pure satire and brilliance. Us woman become strangely attracted to the late 1970s facial styles that society deemed for so long as unwanted. We watch in suspense, throughout the entire month, as every man we know tries to grow the perfect mustache. We wistfully hide razors and throw away shaving cream; we buy into their teams, hoping to support them in any way possible; to promote awareness for highly neglected men’s health issues.

I am a proud Movember supporter, a mo sista, if you will. There are very important rules that every participant must stand by (men, you better be clean shaven today!) while fundraising for the month. Last year, the wolfpack raised $21M, with over 83% going to fund men’s health programs. They create fun for impact.

The Glass Mustachery

So with all of these mustaches sweeping the streets of our cities and neighborhoods, how do those men get so good looking? The answer is simple: most of them probably have a Mustache Mirror in their pocket. And they probably found it at The Glass Mustachery, people who are good citizens and ball-lovers all at once. I often find myself staring at mustaches on the street, contemplating “what type of mustache is that?” It gets especially creepy when I stop men to take pictures of their mustaches. The new question I ask begs some description.

A mustache mirror is a small glimmer of hope in the eyes of a November 1st man as he begins to build his victory. He can choose between four types of mirrors: the original (think Teddy Roosevelt sitting gracefully in the White House), the walrus (think of a manly Tom Selleck), the horseshoe (when bikers take control), and the dali (where creatives win over the crowd).



Oh yeah, and with every mirror you purchase, 25% will go to prostate cancer research, to help that cause that we so often forget; men’s health. Working as a supporter of the month of Movember, The Glass Mustachery wants you to look good while looking like your father in that old picture from your first birthday party. You know the one because you’re staring at his mustache dreaming of the day you can grow one yourself.

So, what kind of mustache are you growing? What kind of mirror do you need? Let’s make this the best Movember ever.


{Psst.. check out The Glass Mustachery’s hilarious blog, here. And don’t forget to tweet pictures of your mustaches throughout the month @glassmustachery}

And now for the video of a lifetime…“…when you strip everything down to only the essentials, you find out what every woman really wants.”



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