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Good Mood Monday

October 21, 2013

Good Mood Monday

Another busy week behind, another busy week ahead. And while there is a gleaming light twisting its way towards me with work, it seems that life has other plans to keep me out and about. But I am grateful for that. And these ten things…

+Outpouring of Love. Cherise and Erik’s story had a huge impact on me as I spoke to Jove and other friends about it. And that impact dug deeper when I realized you all are helping. By reading and sharing their story, we have received word from vendors across the country. And it is still going. What a blessing!

+Signing a Contract. We signed our first major contract of the wedding (and to me, the most important), our photographer! (Sneak peak below!) So, spending money is fun…

+Pilates. It had been weeks, maybe over a month, since I had time to go to Pilates and last week, I went twice. Lord how I have missed that class, that struggle to keep your legs high and your core engaged.

+November 12. That is my work “light at the end of the tunnel.” It’s coming fast.

+This StoryAbout a plea for adoption from a teenager. Needed.

+Tights. That temperatures are dwindling and today, I’m wearing orange to embrace it.

+Hashtag. Big wedding decision has been made! The wedding hashtag, which is “the thing to do” is here. You can follow the planning on Instgram (a lot)  and Twitter (barely) by checking out #bernathbash!

+Baptisms. Celebrating that life in faith, taking time to meditate and understand what it truly means to be a child of God. That is what baptismal birthdays are for. (And cuddling Ted.)

+Grace. And figuring out that God’s love is one-sided and this is nothing we can do about it.

+And a lovely song for your week. Because what is life without Coldplay?

{Second Photo via Julia Robbs of Our Labor of Love}

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  1. October 22, 2013 2:46 pm

    I thought about the fact that I got so busy last week that I did not wish you a happy baptismal birthday…glad you remembered and snuggled with Ted!

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