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Fit Calls + Fridays

October 18, 2013

It’s Friday and I am somehow relieved. After an off week, I am ready to relax in sweats on my couch (if I have time) and watch football.

Speaking of couches, this business made me laugh because of the sheer truth! Every New Yorker either has been through this situation, will go through it or has a close friend who went through it: not being able to get your couch in your apartment! Our friends had to have theirs sent back to the manufacturer to disassemble before they could relax in their new apartment.

Well, Z Brothers Furniture Service will do that for you. You can have your new sofa delivered directly to them to disassemble, bring to you and reassemble. Or you can have them inspect your apartment building in advance inspect potential “tight fits.” (They are called “fit calls” and Room & Board partakes!)

I’m obsessed with this idea, especially after seeing the stress of my friends move and, of course, this episode of Friends. Yes, I will have a fit call the next time we move.

PS: Thank you all for your generous words and actions after Wednesday’s post about Cherise and Erik. You can still help by sharing their story and helping us locate vendors to give them the wedding of their dreams!


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