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Banksy Hits New York

October 15, 2013

In college, my roommate Emily introduced me to a graffiti and street artist named Banksy. He had already been popular in London for a few years, with people coming from all over to search the streets for his art. To find it, you must walk down forgotten streets, you must know where to look and you must be ready for one of the most beautiful  paintings you will ever see.

Banksy Takes New York

Walls that Banksy has dominated have been knocked down and sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Let it be said that no one knows who this person is. Documentaries have been made with his face covered. He only works in the dark, under a hooded jacket. But his masterpieces have everyone in awe. Finding out about his mysterious being has become a game to many. Every time I hear his name, I get excited, anxious and amazed at what he will do next.

Banksy Takes New York

Banksy Takes New York

He decided to come to New York for one month.

His journey has been covered by every news outlet. Every day seems to pop with a new art spottings or stories. Like this past week, he set up a booth on Central Park South and manned it with a lovely older gentleman. All paintings at the booth were originals selling for $60.00; about .012% the amount you would pay for a wall he had painted on. It took 4 hours to sell the first one. 

And, in the beauty of our Saturday, we opened our windows to more noise than normal. People gawking and huddling around a pre-cast concrete slab outside our apartment. Banksy had climbed inside and painted.

Banksy Takes New York

People climbed and stretched and photographed the vibrant contrasts of the priest. People held their babies up close. People confessed. It was a sight. It was art.

Banksy Takes New York

Banksy Takes New York

Banksy Takes New York

Banksy Takes New York

Banksy Takes New York

And this is happening all over the city. This graffiti art that no one refers to as a violation. It is magical and this city is loving it. To see all of his New York art, I suggest following Banksny. Thank you, Banksy.

Banksy Takes New York


*Update: This cartoon made me laugh out loud!

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