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Good Mood Monday

September 23, 2013

Good Mood Monday

This past week was full of progress, fun, birthdays and surprises. I loved every second.

+Surprise Birthday Visits. We flew home for a very much-anticipated surprise visit for Whitney’s 30th birthday. I was so excited to actually celebrate her. Since our birthdays are quite close, I’m not so sure she ever got her own birthday growing up. I think we accomplished that.

+Surprise Birthday Parties. Because we also threw her a surprise party. Her family and friends all together.

+Venue Hunting. Psst… we found our venue and I’m a bit obsessed…



+Old Roommates. For the second time in two weeks, I was able to see my college roommates. Crazy how that happens. I miss them so, especially old notes about eating each other’s bread.

+Old Buildings. I was introduced to the building of my dreams, the old general store in Ridgeville, Ohio which is now the most beautiful and relaxing salon on earth. The work that went into the renovations is outstanding, finding the beauty beneath the plaster. The old doors and brick walls are what really got me.



+Full Moons. It seems fall has landed, with its harvest moon shining and chilly evenings.

+Late (late) Nights. Hilarious and unexpected late nights make home charming.

+Breaking Records. 76 points in one game. Most this season (so far).

+The Museum of Natural History. We took a private tour for work last week of all the event spaces the museum has to offer. You can eat among the dinosaurs and drink with the elephants before heading to an after party overlooking the Earth. And while I have been to an event there before, this was like looking with new eyes. Awesome wonders.

+And, because she did an impeccable job on the Emmys last night, Carrie for your week. 

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