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Good Mood Monday

September 16, 2013

Good Mood Monday Wild Flowers

This past weekend was filled with football and laziness. The type of laziness that is necessary after the incredibly long weeks we have been having. Sleeping in until nine, just in time to turn on College Game Day and watch, from the comfort of home, the rest of the afternoon.

+OSNY Manhattan Launch. After over a year of meeting around a long table, having deep discussion about what it means to be a church in this New York community, we officially sat in pews yesterday, worshiped and witnessed how officially rad God is.


+Seeing Lost Faces. This past week was full of fresh faces that my eyes have been waiting to see for months (and in some cases, years).

+Ohio State Wins. This may be a constant every Monday for the rest of the season. (We can hope.) While the Big Ten in general let me down this weekend, I became extra proud of the Buckeyes for winning.

+Successful Events. We have finally hit the season full of events at work. After months of prep, our first of many events took place on Thursday with 400 of our nearest and dearest clients. This is the type of thing that makes work “not work.”

+B.E.L.T. Adding eggs on our BLTs. (There are three foods that make any meal better: eggs, goat cheese and tomatoes.)


+Orchids. And we are all really into orchids around here.  It’s the little things.

+Baptisms. Our dear friends Lindsay and Steve had their darling baby, Elle, last month. Last night, we were all able to celebrate her birth in Christ. Such an exciting moment to share! (And look at that proud daddy!)



+September 11. The day still affects me tremendously. I’m not positive if it is because I live in New York now so I feel a constant reminder or if it is something deeper, but my heart still hurts.

September 11

+Autumn. It’s here and while I’m not quite ready to let go of the warmth, I will embrace it.

+A song I have been listening to on repeat all week, to calm you.

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  1. Jean Branstier permalink
    September 16, 2013 1:00 pm

    Good Monday morning Pastor Mat! Janet and I so enjoyed coming to your service in July and not we are almost to October. I love fall season, always have; Len never liked the leaves falling and it did not matter that I said they were God’s mulch.
    Your parishoners in NY are so lucky to have you. Thanks for all you have done for us and be safe up there


  1. 25. | the shellhammer

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