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Good Mood Monday

September 9, 2013

Good Mood Monday

The crisp air has come and while there is still heat on the horizon, autumn is creeping in. I love it. Football, busy season, color and change…

+My Darling Turned Two! Our “baby” Finn is not such a baby anymore. He chatters more than ever and loved the attention of his birthday, blowing out his candles in front of all of his friends. When I told him “Happy Birthday” on the phone yesterday, his response was a quiet “hap-py, hap-py.” Whitney said he continuously said “Happy me!” during the whole party. I love you silly Finny!!


+A Green September. Everything is so lush and green outside, even in the city. The ivy is full and our tree out of window has the leaves the size of my head.

New York City

+Fitness Challenge. We have started a fitness challenge at work! For the next 6 weeks, we are asked to elevate our heart rate everyday. This morning, I woke up and pushed to the tempo to do a sub-8 minute mile, which I have not done since I was 14 (ish). It was hard.

+Putting Down the Cell Phone. Along with the fitness and health challenge, I am posed with the question of the “obsession” or constant need for technology. I decided not to take my cell phone out with me on Friday night and thoroughly enjoyed the freedom. Aiming to do more often.

+2-0. Bucks improved their record this weekend and we watched and drank and ate crappy food through the whole thing. I felt like I was 21 again.

+Pain au Chocolat. After the Ohio State game, we craved “drunk food” but our appetites have changed a bit in the last 4 years. Instead of UDF ice cream and Buckeye Donuts, we got banana splits and pain au chocolat. Sophisticated.

pain au chocolat

+These Friends Who Experimented by Dating Each Other. They made rules and kept them for 40 days to see if there was something there, more than friendship. It created a beautiful story that you can read about here.

+Back on Schedule. Josh is back to work, which is sad in a way, but also shows some signs of normalcy.

+This Picture Made Me Laugh (and cry). I love my Frey.

Toy Story

+And a lovely song for your week.

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  1. Sara S. permalink
    September 9, 2013 1:33 pm

    Hahaha @ Frey. Those boys crack me up.

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