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September Looks Good On You

September 4, 2013

New York, you look beautiful today. You lost your heavy humidity that brings drenched commuters crawling out of the subway; you shed that heat that has been weighing you down and you have grown to September. September looks good on you. I’m excited to delight in the last few longs days ahead before you turn wretched and cold.

The Day Freedom Tower hit 1776 Feet

And after an incredibly long August filled with weddings, engagements and vacations, I’m ready to explore you once again. Over the last few years, I have walked your streets on my own, learning about new places and old. And now I want to try a new way, a better way.

Bleeker Street

Stray Boots, a new app specialized for cities, may be just the way. They have created scavenger hunts to create interactive tours that take you on grand adventures while teaching you about the unique locations you are in. From East Village bars to Old Manhattan and the Financial District to perfect date nights, I am ready to soak it all in again.

New York, I missed you.

theshellhammer: New York City

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