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A Garden Baby Shower

August 28, 2013

theshellhammer: Garden Baby Shower

There is something about celebrations that truly bring joy to my heart. The intimate baby shower we threw for Tara and Baby in the garden of our church epitomized said joy.


theshellhammer: Garden Baby Shower

My obsession with Paperless post continued for their beautiful designs and simple RSVP system. Instead of getting stuck with a flood of emails and phone calls, party-goers can simple click “Yes” of “No” and I can decide when to check the list, when to send reminders and who to reach out to.

theshellhammer: Paperless Post Baby Shower Invitation

Our church, located in Rego Park, has the most adorable outdoor space that is a commodity in New York City. The weather decided to be perfection with clear blue skies and warmth. We hung simple streamers in the bushes and put balloons on every chair. We dressed the tables with yellow and pink, with mason jars of hydrangea and kisses that quickly melted in the sun.

theshellhammer: Garden Baby Shower

theshellhammer: Garden Baby Shower

To me, food is key. We made cucumber sandwiches, Halloumi & watermelon balsamic bites, mini caprese and a large arugula, avocado and blueberry salad to accommodate our hungry bellies. Most of the food was based on Trader Joe’s recipes because that is was Tara loves.

theshellhammer: Garden Baby Shower

theshellhammer: Garden Baby Shower

theshellhammer: Garden Baby Shower

While choir practice happened inside the church, we were serenaded by sweet songs in a language none of us knew. It was oddly beautiful. Tara opened gifts and then we laughed and laughed talking about all things pregnancy. Labor, what comes next, major fears and major blessings…



theshellhammer: Garden Baby Shower

Baby shower games are so difficult. Has anyone else noticed that? There are some cheesy games! So instead, Christy simply reverted to the best game ever created with a baby spin. It’s a pictionary/telephone combo where every player ends up rolling on the ground laughing at the end, or at least crying with tears of joy. {I promise to explain one day!}




I believe showers are meant for round bellies and radiant smiles. Tara is in week 33 (!) and we are so excited for the newest addition to our family in Christ to arrive, this little girl will be spoiled with love! theshellhammer: Garden Baby Shower

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  1. Sara permalink
    August 28, 2013 11:58 am

    So cute! Loved the photos 🙂

  2. August 30, 2013 7:54 am

    Hard to believe you are in New York -what a beautiful shower – woman – smiles – and church – so happy for all of you!!


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