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Good Mood Monday

August 26, 2013

theshellhammer: Good Mood Monday

It feels odd that I didn’t write last week. We sat in the Johannesburg airport for 8 hours, going through pictures of the vacation and wishing we weren’t heading back to the states. But all good vacations must end. And I must admit, it was nice sleeping in my own bed for the past week…

+Eating In. After 10 days of eating out, and probably not the healthiest of foods, it was nice to come home and eat in for every dinner. Josh proved his talent in the kitchen by making the juiciest pork chops with caramelized apples.

theshellhammer: Good Mood Monday

+Hot Dogs. Going to a baseball game where the two starting all-star pitchers threw against each other (on the same field) to make history with amazing friends only made this hot dog that much better.

theshellhammer: Good Mood Monday

+Catching Up. And brunch with my favorite lady to just chat about life was remarkable.

+Brooklyn. We also took a walk. I fell in love with Brooklyn. Oh wait, I was already in love.

theshellhammer: Good Mood Monday

+Intimate Showers. We had another baby shower this weekend! It was lovely, with an intimate group of ladies laughing, eating and sharing pregnancy fears. (Lots of fears but so many more blessings!)

+Queens. The shower was in Queens and I can’t say enough about the perfection of that area of New York City. A true urban suburb with the nicest people.

+”Bestie” Birthdays! Kimmie, Sara and Samantha all so close together. I love it. Happy birthday ladies!!

+Preliminary Planning. Yes, preliminary planning for a “wedding” has begun. Thoughts are being juggled; big wedding? intimate wedding? New York? Ohio? venue? So many thoughts to be had and decisions to be made. {Psst… if you are looking for a unique wedding, buy the book The New-Fashioned Wedding. Paige and Kelly from Bash Please are two incredibly talented women plus the lovely Shoko helped out!}

theshellhammer: Good Mood Monday

+Looking Forward. I am so looking forward to being home this weekend so ideas above can be bounced around with my loved ones. In need of my sisters/future sister, mom/future mom to give me a bit of direction. (Even though our dear New York friends and Josh are awesome at that as well!)

+And a classic for your week. Because I do love the woman.

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