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Good Mood Monday

August 12, 2013

theshellhammer: Good Mood Monday

This week is special, as most weeks are, but this one a bit more so. Josh and I are currently in the southern hemisphere enjoying cooler weather, Table Mountain and, I’m assuming, very good South African wine. This week is all about exploring a new culture, learning as much as we can about a country that is entirely new to us and getting to know the locals by truly immersing ourselves.

And here, on the blog, we will be focusing solely on travel. I know travel comes up often in this space but I’ll do my best to really dive in and find some interesting things for you. I personally believe travelling is such an important part of life, whether you go to Denver or Bangkok, you are able to learn such wonderful things and meet such wonderful people.

So, to kick off, here are 10 things that put me in an amazing mood when I travel.

theshellhammer: Good Mood Monday

+The Person You Travel With. This is important. Sometimes I take Josh 30 miles in the wrong direction on accident and he always stays calm, turns around and moves on. That may be an exaggeration, but it is incredible when the exploration and relaxation of two people are synced perfectly.

theshellhammer: Good Mood Monday

+Nature. There is nothing better than hiking or sitting or taking a breath of fresh air. Perhaps since moving to New York I’ve come to realize how important it is to stop and enjoy all nature has to offer. Greenery and wildflowers, cliffs and ocean, mountains. God gave us so much natural beauty to appreciate.

+The Food. The food, the food! My palette continues to grow — I loved trying pigeon in Paris and duck soup (off the farm) in Laos. Those are experiences you only get once. There is no better time to take a chance.

+Road Trips. Driving is so underrated. Jump in a car and go somewhere. My parents are experts at this; I have learned from the best. Growing up, we took a few cross-country road trips and saw so many amazing sights that we would have never experienced from the air. I remember seeing the mountains on the horizon as we made our way across eastern Colorado. The vivid picture still rests in my mind from my 8-year-old self.

theshellhammer: Good Mood Monday

+Forgetting Time. I love when you are on vacation, completely relaxed, and you can’t remember what day it is. Or the time you need to be anywhere. It reminds me of summer break, when we used to get them.

+Wine. New wine from new places is always the best.

+Direct Flights. Seriously. I know this is a luxury but if you are flying to the other side of the world, do not fly Detroit > Dallas > San Francisco > Hong Kong > Bangkok > Luang Probang. Just don’t. You’ll end up leaving your phone on your plane in Dallas, losing you international flight and crying to a Cathay Pacific lady who doesn’t speak English. (That is a true story.) The luxury comes because I now live in New York with millions of direct flights.

+Getting Lost. The best feeling in the world.

+Coming Home. You usually leave your house clean so when you walk in after a long flight, you can forget unpacking and cuddle in your bed for the rest of the day. Until reality comes back.

+A song to get you thinking about the only place you want to be. 

I’m interested…what’s your favorite part about vacation?

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  1. August 12, 2013 10:42 am

    Being with people you love to spend time with – I have had some perfect vacations!!

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