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Good Mood Monday

August 5, 2013

theshellhammer: Good Mood Monday

These past 7 days have been a whirl, filled with love, support and pure joy. I am doing my best to savor it because I know, pretty soon, it will all be over.

+This time. I know that engagement is such a small sliver of time within our lives; but it is such a beautiful time of optimism and love. Knowing what the next step is, I can’t help fall in love with the anticipation that is building. What a blessing it all is.

+Amazing Friends. And we get to share this time with all of you. All amazing people who throw us impromptu engagement parties, send wonderful planning packages and heartfelt cards, and who genuinely care about this time in our lives.

+San Francisco. After three days in Big Sur, we got to spend last Monday in San Francisco. That city is just to gorgeous for words.Good Mood Monday 40.1

+Cincinnati. We also got to spend this past weekend in Cincinnati for a very special wedding. In doing so, we saw some amazing friends and were introduced to the best Cincinnati has to offer. Neither Josh or I had ever spent much time there so every view changed our outlook on the ‘Nati.

theshellhammer: Good Mood Monday

+Love. Love. Love. Heading straight to a wedding after you get engaged is a bit emotional. The perception has shifted knowing that we will be in the same shoes sooner rather than later. Katie is such a special friend to me and I was so excited to be able to share in her and Dan’s day.

theshellhammer: Good Mood Monday Good Mood Monday 40.4

+This Speech on KindnessDoesn’t it just uplift you? This is what life is about. (Thanks to Shoko for sharing.)

+Purple Haze. Happiness, Abita. Pure happiness.

+Chicken and Waffles. On our tour of Cincinnati, Nick mentioned Chicken and Waffles. My mind thought of barely anything else until I was sitting that restaurant eating them.

theshellhammer: Taste of Belgium

+Shark Week. It’s shark week and while I do not typically take part, since my plane was delayed yesterday, Josh and I visited the Sharks at Newport Aquarium. And I think I am ready to dive with sharks in South Africa. If only Josh would be up for it…

+Since we have been so into country, another country song for your week. 

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