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Good Mood Monday

July 22, 2013

theshellhammer: Good Mood Monday

I want to pose a challenge to you: be in a good mood. Whatever it is right now that is weighing you down, let it go. Move on. Embrace the day and seriously pay attention to the small moments in life that make you smile. We have so many of those moments. Write them down. Simpler yet, write down one thing a day this week that has made you smile and let go. Tell me what it was. And then keep doing it.

+New Adventures. This past week has been incredibly fun with new adventures — the highlight was heading up to The Cloisters with Aaiza and Jillian to experience a whole new part of Manhattan. While it is a hike to get up there, the museum and gardens are their own oasis outside of the city.

+Celebrating with Pork. Josh and I celebrated a little milestone on Friday and headed to Fatty ‘Cue in South Williamsburg. I had tasted some of the Asian/Texan fusion in the West Village last month but enjoying the whole meal was incredible.

theshellhammer: Fatty 'Cue

+Celebrating in General. Who doesn’t want to celebrate every milestone. This past week was full of them: babies, birthdays, coming home, leaving jobs. We should celebrate everything.

theshellhammer: celebrate

+Becoming Members. Something else to celebrate: Josh and I became official members of Our Saviour New York, a church we have been actively participating in for about a year. Becoming a member of this ever-growing community has already offered us so many blessings and we are looking forward to continue our growth in fellowship.


theshellhammer: OSNY

+Fresh Food. Off the grill mushrooms and corn with a fruit and veggie filled salad on the side. Jayne spoils us.


+Acting Like a Child. When you are, in fact, not a child.

+Good Hair Days. Some days, you just have to love the long, brown curls when the humidity creeps up with a little extra volume.

+Fresh Flowers. I want to always have fresh flowers in my apartment and around me in the summer. Daring to become more of a florist in the coming months.

+Red Carpets. That sprawl 5 avenues all for the All-Star Game. New York does it big (and we had a magnificent view).

theshellhammer: Red Carpet

+And a song to enjoy this week… and remember that Glee does everything better. (This, however, does not put me in a good mood, to be clear. I am still in mourning.)



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