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I almost forgot…

July 19, 2013

theshellhammer: New York City

This week, the heat hit the city. The type of heat that makes you melt as soon as you walk out the door; makes you crave water and air conditioning; makes you cross the street just to walk in the shade; makes your office induct a one-day-only summer dress code proposition where you can wear shorts!

And I am loving it. Absolutely loving it. Everyone is complaining and I am thriving.

I started to contemplate why I was the only one not wishing the heat away. And then I realized…

Two years ago this week the same thing happened. The heat wave came, people melted, summer dress codes were in effect everywhere. But two years ago, I had just landed at JFK from Hong Kong and my parents met me at our new apartment.

Two years ago, in the beginning of the 2011 summer heat wave that lasted through the end of August, I moved to New York City. 

I continue to learn, to change, to grow and to laugh. I continue to take this city for all it’s worth. I’ve made more friends here than I could have ever expected. My spiritual growth and my relationship with God has skyrocketed. My life here is a blessing and I know now to not take a single day for granted.

This city is filled with movement in stillness, change in steadfastness and beauty in chaos. This city embodies life and creation. Sometimes I forget that I am blessed immensely in this adventure. 

Thanks so all of you for your gracious love & support. You can read about all I learned in year one, here
theshellhammer: New York City

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