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Good Mood Monday

July 15, 2013

theshellhammer: Good Mood Monday

It seems quite impossible to me that we are half way through July, meaning commercials for “back to school” clothes are beginning and our current hot weather will be fading into autumn before we know it.

Time, please stop. 

Well, that didn’t work. I suppose there is nothing we can do but be happy.

+When the City Poses for a Picture. Perfection, New York, perfection.


+College Roommates. I had the best of the best when it came to college roommates. 5 beautiful women throughout the years and this weekend, I got to catch up with one of them. So great seeing you Clare!!

+Fruit that Reminds Me of Vacation. Rambutan is a crazy-looking, exotic fruit that is found in Southeast Asia. It tastes simply amazing; sweet and sour at the same time. I was hesitant to try it two years ago but when it came served in my drink this weekend, my eyes lit up.

+Skillet Macaroni and Cheese. Is there really anything better than a large skillet of baked Macaroni and Cheese?


+New Shoes. I love the comfort, the look and the price of these Pierre Dumas’. Walking on air.

+Brunch with Special Women. I have some incredible women in my life and sharing wisdom, relationship advice and bacon over brunch makes them all that much more awesome.

+New Food Obsessions. Have you had bone marrow? Zach and Brendan introduced Josh and I to the scrumptious, jelly like starter when we visited Chicago last week and I, unexpectedly, fell in love. I never thought to order such a thing, let alone crave it. So, we went to Le Philosophe and got our fix.


+Open Mic Night. When you stumble into an open mic night at Vagabond, have a glass of wine with your best friend and get asked to share your table by a lovely old man eating a grilled cheese sandwich, it’s a great Wednesday night.

+My Heaven came calling again… I finished Love Anthony and started Unbroken

+And a hilarious, prancercise-to-John Mayer song for your week.

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