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We went to Chicago…

July 9, 2013

Tomatoes | theshellhammer

My dream was Chicago, in case you forgot.

It is the type of place that can make a midwest girl feel at home in the urban area she may want. It was my dream until I found New York, that is. Because New York has pushed me out of my “urban-homey” comfort zone even if it has become urban and homey to me now.

But I still get butterflies when I talk about Chicago, when I think about it. And on Thursday morning when the skyline appeared on the horizon, my stomached dropped. Oh, I miss that city. It’s been too long.

A huge thank you to my dear brother, Zach, for taking Josh and I in for a four-day weekend. Not only did he take us in, he reintroduced us to the city where I still dream about living. He took us to new places to eat, to explore and we were so blessed to spend so much time with him.

Here’s a little more about what we did (and what we now recommend when visiting), if you are interested…

We headed to Billie Sunday, an amazing cocktail bar in Logan Square where you can get cocktails & libations that will make your mouth burst with wonderful flavor with every sip.

We went to Oak Street Beach to enjoy Lake Michigan on a beautiful day.

Lake Michigan | theshellhammer

We took a stroll down Michigan Avenue and ate lunch at Howells & Hood that served the best grilled cheese with pork and tomatoes.

Howells & Hood | theshellhammer

Ohio & Michigan | theshellhammer

Chicago | theshellhammer

Slowly, we approached my dream residence, Marina City which sits on the Chicago River. After I took a million pictures on my camera and in my mind, we kept moving to Roof at theWit Hotel to see their magnificence from above. (And enjoy the most delicious, summery cocktails.)

Marina City, Chicago | theshellhammer

Marina City, Chicago | theshellhammer

We met our college friend, Tada, for lunch at Piece which serves the largest pizzas I have ever seen. Bonus, their logo is a circle with the piece of pizza in it, making the illusion of a peace sign. We also were able to see Tada and Ankit’s view from their apartment and catch up at the Old Town Pourhouse.

Piece | theshellhammer

A Michelin Star rated restaurant was also necessary — especially because it is based on pork and whiskey. So we headed to Longman & Eagle to enjoy some roasted bone marrow, tete de cochon, duck testicles and the most tender pork belly that will ever pass your lips. Nice call Michelin, nice call. (This also fed my obsession with Ampersands.)

Longman & Eagle | theshellhammer

Saturday’s are made for BBQ and baseball. We headed to Smoque, which has been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, to enjoy some truly delicious ribs, pulled pork, mac n’ cheese, cornbread and baked beans.

Smoque | theshellhammer

And then headed to Wrigley enjoy Old Style beer and watch the Cubs win against the best team in baseball. Consider us undefeated at Wrigley. Special treats: the Stanley Cup made an appearance for the first pitch by the Blackhawks owner and the “band” played right near us!

Wrigley | theshellhammer

Wrigley | theshellhammer

We headed to the Lakeview block party for some drinks and to meet Zach’s friends after the game.

After an exhausting day, we slept.

Sunday was our last day and after church, we headed to the Logan Square Farmers Market. I fell in love. It was simple, small and local; filled to the brim with fresh fruits and veggies from the shores of Illinois and Michigan. I wanted to try everything in sight, and I almost did. Good thing we ran out of cash.

raspberries | theshellhammer

Sweet Cherries | theshellhammer

Local | theshellhammer

I love Chicago and am so happy we were able to spend so much time with my brother. Thanks, as always, for hosting us Zach! I’m not sure I can spend three years away from that city again…


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