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Good Mood Monday

July 1, 2013

It’s officially July. That sentence blows my mind. With July comes fireworks, grilling out and heat on heat on heat. Also, another month of good moods.

Good Mood Monday 35


1. Vacation Week. Having a day off (or two) during the week is incredibly energizing. To know that I only have to work 3 days and then I can sleep in, stay up late or do essentially anything I want is reinvigorating. And celebrating this country is pretty awesome as well.

2. Adrenaline. I am not a truly competitive person. Even when I am playing in a game, I think I am OK with losing. I learned this: adrenaline makes me very happy. So a close game is better for me than a blow-out. I like to be nervous and on my toes.

3. Big Dinners. Sometimes all you need in life is a new restaurant, a big table and many good friends.

Preserve 24

4. Big Brunches. Or a friend’s home, a back yard deck, fruit and homemade french toast. Both things happened this weekend.

Outdoor Brunch


5. Planning. For South Africa, the true planning has ensued. We have a good feel of what we will be doing, where we will be staying and the adventures that will come. But I am happy we will have a little room for spontaneity.

6. Lazy (every once in a while). Lazy days are needed every once in a while. I’m happy to say that was squeezed into this weekend of relaxation.

7. 4 years. Josh moved to New York City 4 years ago this week. I remember him sending me pictures of the 4th of July fireworks over the Statue of Liberty while I still had two more years in Ohio. Time flies.

8. Analyzing Commercials. Am I the only one who does this? I understand that the basis of my marketing degree came from a love of advertising but the fact that I am not in advertising and still analyzing every commercial that comes on the air is a bit obnoxious. This weekend, I cried at this commercial (just watched it and did it again), surprisingly loved this commercial and laughed out loud at this commercial (what’s new)?

9. New Music. Thanks be to Nathan, Leah and Jon for the introduction to Ha Ha Tonka. And for letting me feel Graylee kick!

Ha Ha Tonka

10. And a fun song for your vacation week.


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