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Time and Space on the Lower East Side

June 26, 2013

Time and Space

New York is hardly a scary or threatening place to live. On most accounts, I feel safe walking down the street at any given time; mostly because there are always people around you. Maybe not a million, but definitely enough to know that darkness should not make you feel uneasy.

Before I ever visited here, I imagined the uptown streets to be thriving with elegant women and gentleman and the downtown streets persisting of mostly drug addicts and the homeless. This vision was a stereotype derived from Rent, but it stuck. It is amazing to me to watch this city portrayed in movies from the 80s and what it like now.

Brian Rose and Ed Fausty, unknowing at the time, would revel in the same magic. In 1980, they began snapping pictures of the Lower East Side and then set them aside for over 20 years. Brian was drawn back to New York City after 9/11 and decided to pick up where he left off. “He began thinking about making a response to what had happened to the city, one that would take a longer view of the impact on New York and beyond. Eventually he decided to return to where he had begun–the Lower East Side–the place where so many Americans traced their roots. The old neighborhood tucked beneath the bridges, lying at the feet of the pinnacles of power, would serve as a barometer of change and continuity.”

You can see the “decay + rebirth” of the Lower East Side through his lens; the beauty that has prospered from the inevitable death. You can purchase the book here. Wouldn’t it make a great gift for a New York lover?

East 5th Street | 1980 (via)

East 5th Street | 2010 (via)

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  1. June 26, 2013 3:41 pm

    You what’s funny? When I left NYC I went to work at a summer camp and I was terrified to death of the dark and animals. Hahaha people from the camp were terrified of the city. Although I must admit I do wish I lived there in the 70s or 80s when it was gritty. xo

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