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Good Mood Monday

June 24, 2013

Good Mood Monday

The first week of summer turned out exactly as I expected it to: busy and fun. Josh and I were able to head back to Ohio to see his family and join in a friend’s wedding festivities. We had a blast and are so happy for Kevin and Ashley. We are blessed to have been able to celebrate.

1. Wedding Weekends. More than anything in the world, I love weddings. So a full weekend of wedding bliss and meeting new best friends can hardly be topped. Congrats Kevin and Ash!

Kevin and Ashley Wedding

Fayette, Ohio

2. Home. We had not made it back to Josh’s hometown in a long time; too long. We were excited to be able to see family and friends… and hang out with our little Jace (who is “almost 5”). That little three-year-old can make you laugh hysterically with only his eyes. And the fact that Josh grew up on a farm (we had fresh strawberries and wonderful lunches) somehow makes being home that much more relaxing.

Corn Fields

Fayette, Ohio

3. Letting loose. A wedding reception that starts at 4 and lasts all night ended with about 30 20-somethings in a pool. It is an amazing feeling to be a kid again.

4. Rent the Runway. Of course I rented another dress. And fell in love again. I am really into gold right now (and have been for quite some time) so when Josh picked out this dress, I couldn’t say no.


5. Chewing. And, happily, I am now able to chew somewhat normally. After two rounds of a root canal over the last two weeks, my mouth has been sore and chewing anything has been painful. The pain has subsided and eating is now back to normal. I was so hungry.

Ohio Food

Ohio Food

6.  The Impossible. We thought we would watch a movie last night to calm down after the busy weekend. Well, I would hardly call The Impossible calming or relaxing. I was in tears and a lot of second-hand pain during the entire film; but it is beautiful. Watch, if you are into true tragic events.

7. The first line of a new book. I finally finished Cloud Atlas and am happy to be starting a new book. I always love the first line that captures your mind. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the first line, though, those often are. But when it comes, it is a magical moment. {Psst… I have started Love Anthony.}

8. The three “H’s”. Haze, heat and humidity; summer is officially here!

9. Getting ready in silence. I’ve turned off the dancing tunes and The Today Show and listened to silence while getting ready. It is incredibly calming.

10. And a classic country song for your week.

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  1. Karen johansen permalink
    June 24, 2013 1:25 pm

    LOVE your dress!!!

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