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Good Mood Monday

June 10, 2013

Can you believe how fast this week has gone? I feel like yesterday my mom was landing and now she is taking off again. Today is bittersweet in the most literal sense of the word. She is leaving, but we had an awesome week. Josh was gone for what felt like forever and now he is home. And my tooth has been aching for 2 months now and the root canal is finally going to take place. Given all that, I am in a bittersweet, good mood.

1. Mama. I loved gallivanting the city with her for the past ten days; chatting and laughing the entire time. It was a good staycation for me and I am sad to see her leave!

2. Silly Texts. There were some silly texts exchanged this weekend that were cracking my mom and I up. I’m actually still wondering if my dad decided to put my cat in a box to send to me… let’s hope not.

3. Rooftops and Gardens. Such wonderful weather finally came our way last week. We roamed the streets looking for rooftops with classy drinks and gardens. We had amazing raspberry mojito at STK and a Sixpoint Sweet Action (in mason jars) at GastroMarket. I’m going to keep looking into this throughout the summer… but if you are visiting New York soon, check out these rooftops and these.

Stanton Street Garden

4. HEAT. Our summer fundraiser for AIDS Service Center New York took place last Thursday at XL Lounge. It was incredibly successful and a huge thank you should be sent to all of those who came out. Also, a huge congratulations to all of those who planned and executed the event!

5. Downpours and Deep Movies. Friday it rained. I don’t mean a quick storm or a steady drizzle. It downpoured for about 24 hours. It was a perfect day to catch a movie so Mom and I went to see Before Midnight with Ethan Hawke (swoon). And while we somewhat felt like we were in a lecture, it was an interesting look at a real relationship over time. Ladies, it’s not a fairytale. And gentlemen, be engaged.


6. Surprise Baby Show(er)s. Through the epic downpour that was continuing deep into Friday night, a group trenched out to see our friend, Steve’s, comedy show that was put on special for his wife Lindsay as a surprise baby show(er)! (Get it?) It was awesome and totally worth soaking jeans and a ponytail.

7. Food Tours. If you visit the city or live in the city, you must must must go on a Food Tour with Sidewalks of New York. While I thought it would be touristy and annoying, it was actually incredibly educating and entertaining. I tried places I would have never had known about unless I walked every street and walked in every place. (More to come!)


8. Wandering our Streets. After the food tour, all we wanted to do was wander streets so we did. We continued in the West Village, and on Sunday, walked the Lower East Side and found amazing new places that are on my list to try.

9. Live Music. And obviously, every chance we had, we took in love music. Steph & Dylon and Trish at Vagabond on Saturday and Cara Samantha at Rockwood on Sunday. A perfect ending.

10. And a song for your week.

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