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Good Mood Monday

June 3, 2013

Ahhh… the first June Monday of the year. Summer has nearly taken the reigns from spring completely and mama is in town to visit, finally. So excited to share this week with her!

1. Mama’s Here. My mom is here to visit and I am secretly wishing she was here to stay.  I have her for a while, so I shouldn’t complain. We have already had two days full of fun and I am excited for 7 more. If only this toothache would go away.

2. Successful Events. An incredibly busy week from the work perspective… two late nights that ended in a glass of wine. But both successful and, dare I say, fun? Yes, I dare. Especially because one had a…

3. Rooftop Cocktail Reception. Who can not love a rooftop cocktail reception with a view like this?

Good Mood Monday | the shellhammer

Good Mood Monday | the shellhammer

4. Sweep. At the end of our Thursday night event, the Empire State Building was lit up in orange and blue making it official: the Mets swept the Yankees for the first time in the history of the Subway Series rivalry. I think that is awesome.

Good Mood Monday | the shellhammer

5. Shoes. Mom and I went shopping — I wanted these shoes from Urban Outfitters. What do you think? (I always want these shorts — too short??)

Good Mood Monday | the shellhammer

6. Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato. We headed back to Williamsburg to discover Smorgasburg all over again. I was desperate to try the Landhaus BLT and it was beyond worth it. And, of course, we got more Maple Bacon on a Stick. Waiting ever so patiently for that rewards program…

Good Mood Monday | the shellhammer

Good Mood Monday | the shellhammer

7. Pink Sunglasses. We went to Artists and Fleas and bought beautiful pink sunglasses and…

8. Greatest Hits. 3 new albums! Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits, John Lennon and Van Morrison. I cannot get enough. (In need of: Cat Stevens. Thanks for the re-introduction, mama.)

9. Morning Mint Tea with Mama. Brunch on Sunday was simple at Le Philisophe… but the tea served in a clear glass mug top off the weekend. Mint tea is the best tea. And so pretty. (If you love French cuisine as much as me, you should definitely give this little place a try!)

Good Mood Monday | the shellhammer

10. And a song from a sexy man for your week.

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