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Good Mood Monday

May 27, 2013


Having long weekends every once in a while is beyond necessary. I’m happy to have started writing today from my phone, in a hotel in Boston. But I am finishing now.

1. Heroes. Today is a day of remembrance of all of those who have brought out country to where it is today — and for all of those in the future who will contribute. It should not only be one day a year — they should feel supported and uplifted every moment of their lives.

Public Garden

2. Best Friends. Being in Boston this weekend would have been wonderful even if it was just Josh and I. But luckily one of my best friends was visiting as well. Considering it had been a year and a half (!?) since I have seen her, it was beyond a wonderful weekend. So happy to have spent time with Amy and Matt! (And meet Casey, Caroline and Ross!)


Amy & Matt

3. Boston Strong. We had the opportunity to visit the Boston Bombing site and memorial. While it was emotional to see all of the tennis shoes hanging from the fences and the Boston hats covering the ground, there was so much pride all around the city, to be Boston Strong.

4. Seafood. So much seafood this weekend and all so good!

5. Taking Pictures of Food. Call me odd but yes, I am that annoying girl in the restaurant that takes pictures of all of the food. I try to be as nonchalant as possible but it’s too fun. Plus, I want to show all of you the delicious food we eat. It becomes even more fun when the people you are with help you out. Here are some pics that our friends helped take this weekend.



Grannery Tavern

Grannery Tavern

Chicken & Waffles

6. WIndians. The Indians were in Boston this weekend so we clearly had to go to Fenway to watch. A few crucial errors and they ended up losing, two days in a row (and again today) but they are still doing well overall. Keep praying for them…


7. Beacon Hill. Just the cutest little section of Boston with brown stones and shops that you can’t pass up. It has a West Village/San Fran feel — what could be better than that?

Beacon Hill

8. The Bachelorette. It started. There goes my Monday nights again.

9. Trains. On the way home from Boston today, there was a 4-year-old boy sitting in front of us screaming, “A TRAIN!” every time we passed a train. Meaning, about every 5 minutes. And as annoying as it may have become, it was also adorable and reminded me of this little guy…


10. And a song for your short week.

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