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Good Mood Monday

May 13, 2013


I’m going to confess something to you all (y’all): I’m exhausted today. Maybe I’m not eating enough or drinking enough water but my eyes just want to close and I want to be under blankets with the window cracked so I can smell fresh air as I sleep for days. Maybe I’ve been running too much or have too much on my mind or am staying up too late. I can’t tell, but I did go to sleep at 10:00 last night, so I hope that is not the case. Lucky for you, being tired does not deter me from being in a good mood.

1. Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all my favorite mamas out there. One in particular is pretty damn important to me… can’t wait for her visit next month!!

Happy Mothers Day!

2. Anniversary. Speaking of my mama, her and Dad celebrated 32 years last week! Holy cow, that’s forever. Congrats you two love birds! Thanks for showing us all that love should be and can be.

3. Manhattan Outdoor Space. We have a little courtyard behind our apartment that is open to all tenants. I rarely use it but feel this summer I should get out there and read and do whatever it may be that people do in courtyards. Our dear friends, on the other hand, have their own little private outdoor space that they transformed into the perfect party space. It is an absolute wonderful space to sit back, have some sangria, and celebrate the birthday girl, Jayne.

4. BBQ. Mighty Quinn’s has bombarded the East Village and will not be leaving. It is a place constantly filled with BBQ lovers from all over New York; those who are willing to wait in a winding line through the entire restaurant to get a bite of their pulled pork or smoked ribs. If you ever go to the East Village and have a hankering for BBQ, do it. Just do it.

Mighty Quinns BBQ | East Village

Mighty Quinns BBQ | East Village

5. Street Fairs. Second Avenue had a street fair this weekend! Since it was in the East Village, it was a prime target for us to wander down slowly. I am so excited it is street fair season so we can look at jewelry and records for the next 4 months on a whim. And eat corn. Lots of corn.

6. Grilled Corn. Isn’t this the reason street fairs were made? No? Yes. (These were even doused in jalapeno butter. I mean, come on.)

Stacked Corn | East Village

7. Comfort Zones. I played softball last week for the first time since August. I instantly fell into a comfort zone I forgot I had, right there at first base. Sometimes I miss that sport so much it hurts. My left shoulder, now that really hurts.

8. New-To-Me Plays. Jayne introduced us to a new play this past week. The Last 5 Years. It was a realist outlook on a Manhattan couple through their relationship — from beginning to end, and end to beginning. It was witty, whimsical and heavy. You walk away feeling more aware of your dynamic in all of your relationships and pray that your decisions and motivations are true to what is needed. (Psst… they are making this into a movie starring Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) and Jeremy Jordan (SMASH).)

9. Tapering. At long last, and most likely the reason why I am so tired, it is the week of the Brooklyn Half Marathon. I have finished my last long run and now have to “only” run 3 miles a day. And then, I sleep. And write. Thank YOU for all of the support over these past 10 weeks. When my will power was low, you picked me right back up. Blessed for that.

Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge

10. And a cool down song, for after a long run.

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  1. May 13, 2013 12:56 pm

    Thinking of you and praying for perfect running weather Saturday!!! Love you sweet girl!


  1. Nailed It. | the shellhammer

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