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How to be a Hipster.

May 9, 2013

How to be a Hipster | Williamsburg

This article that ran in the New York Times last week made me laugh. Henry Alford set out to Brooklyn to try to live a hipster lifestyle that only Brooklyn can produce. He did not go as far as the beard or the mustache we have all grown to love, but he did shop for the plaid flannel shirt, work boots and organic, burlap bag that all seem to be lurking in every shop on every corner. He even had his bike tag-along, following him as he walked down the busy Williamsburg sidewalks, admiring the other “fixed-gears” that passed by. He was a rooftop farmer, a Roberta’s eater, a rolled-pant genius, a Mumford listener for just one long weekend, across the river from home.

How to be a Hipster | Williamsburg

How to be a Hipster | Williamsburg

How to be a Hipster | Williamsburg

I believe he did touch on something magical about the newest generation of Brooklyn, that is so often referred to now as it’s own city by our far-off neighbors. Henry said, “If every youth movement says as much about the status quo as it does about itself, then this new eco-conscious, agrarian-seeming, hair-celebrating nexus of locavorism is maybe telling us that the rest of us need to plunge our fingers into the rich loam of the earth, literally and metaphorically.”

It’s a wonderfully witty article and I hope you take a minute and laugh with me in the realization that most of us midwesterners are, in a sense, hipsters. (Or farmers.) You can read the full arrticle, here.

Oh, and when asked about his boyfriend growing a mustache, “Rich counseled: Enjoy the ‘stache. Honor the ‘stache.”   

How to be a Hipster | Williamsburg

{Photos via Casey Kelbaugh of The New York Times}

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