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Bacon, 5 Ways.

May 8, 2013

My love for pork has grown tremendously over the last few years. Josh has about everything to do with that, given he grew up on a pig farm and they keep the little squirmers right out back behind the house. Every time my mom made pork growing up, I assure you, I did not touch the stuff. I never touched any food that was not cheese or pizza, though, so mom, I’m sorry I did not appreciate your cooking. Now that my immense love for bacon has overflowed my taste buds, I must share with you my favorite bacon spots in the city (and an amazing recipe to try soon)!

Landhaus. At Smorgasburg, they serve maple bacon on a stick that is soaked with maple syrup and “secret spices.” This simple piece of meat was named New York Best Bacon by the Village Voice. I agree. And I am dying to try their BLT, given the size of that bacon strip. This may even come with a bacon reward program someday.

Maple Bacon on a Stick | Landhaus

Milk Truck. While being famous for their Gilled Cheese, Milk Truck has my vote for most delicious bacon-put-on-anything. Be it gilled cheese or mac n’ cheese sprinkled with some feta, these bites will blow your mind.

Freeman’s. When first introduced to Freeman’s about 6 months ago, I became obsessed with their bacon. I began telling people to go there not only for the atmosphere, the off-the-beaten-trail location and the friendly staff, but especially for the maple soaked bacon that comes on its own plate, ready to devour.

Bacon, 6 Ways in New York

The Baconery. I have yet to try the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies or the Maple Bacon Blondies that the Baconery offer ups, but I am fantasizing of getting in there soon. I have so many questions in my mind that I would love to ask and my taste buds are waiting so patiently…

Seven Spoons Kentucky Hot Brown on a Biscuit. And, lastly, something I am tempted to try to make this weekend. Every ingredient so perfectly picked to be placed together on a golden brown biscuit. Who could want any other meal than this?


{Photos via My Instagram; Everything That Catches My Eye; Freeman’s; Baconery; Seven Spoons)


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