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Good Mood Monday

May 6, 2013


So last Monday, I was in a really good mood, if you remember. Who’s to say one Monday to the next changes drastically because, let’s face it, I try to be in an ultra good mood for y’all every day. But this Monday is another special one. Do you have an affinity for numbers? For some reason, the same numbers in my life continuously pop up (it’s like Lost, if you will). The main number is 27 but 9 and 10 make appearances as well. I was born on the 27th of the 9th month and I think everything good revolves around that number. So silly, I know, but today is the 27th edition for Good Mood Monday. To me, it’s special. I hope in some sense you agree that this milestone means something. My 927th will be grand, I’m sure.

1. Smorgasburg is Back. On a plot of land overlooking the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn every Saturday of the summer, there lies a place of wonders. A flea market and a taste test of the best restaurants in Brooklyn all come to gather for the love of food. And on sunny days, the area fills with hipsters and foodies alike, trying every ounce of pork and cheese they can get their hands on.

2. Bacon. I have become a pork lover since dating the pig farmer and while bacon has always been one of my favorite foods, I appreciate it more than ever. Especially when a very thick slice is served on a stick with maple syrup drizzled and dripping off the top.

Maple Bacon on a Stick

3. Dessert, Dessert, Dessert. Dessert lately have been calling my name. Doughnuts, chocolate ganache and s’mores all seem to find their way into my mouth. I am not complaining.

Co. Chocolate Ganache

4. Country Countdowns. We listened to the CMT countdown twice this weekend. The same countdown. Twice. Love it both times and would probably watch it again, if prompted.

5. An Almost Running High. I ran far on Saturday. It felt great which is odd because there has not been a day that has felt great yet. I got home and I was all, “I’m going to take a shower and then I am going to go to Brooklyn and then we are going shopping and then we are going to dinner and then…” and all those thoughts happened before 11 am on a Saturday (after my 8 miles). And it was crazy because most of them happened, except for the shopping, which is totally fine. I feel I partly felt so happy because I was running along side the view below. It’s not everyday you see this beauty on such a blue skied day.

Brooklyn Bridge

6. Naps. So instead of shopping, I took a nap. I was on my feet all day and probably ran/walked the total of 15 miles so once I sat down, I was just too happy to stand back up. I do not feel guilty.

7. The Silver Lining. Watched Silver Linings Playbook this weekend. A bittersweet, slightly twisted love story with a happy ending? Yes.

8. Graduation. So many of my wonderful friends graduated this weekend. Whether you received your undergraduate degree, your masters or your doctorate, I just hope you all know how proud I am of you. As insignificant as it may feel in the future, know that this weekend is an incident in your life that will impact so many decisions in your future. Take it in and cherish it.

9. Free Education to All. Our dear Cooper Union in the East Village is notorious for its free education for its students. A wonderful idea however the school is struggling greatly and must start charging tuition. With this change in, comes protests from students and their supporters. It’s an interesting story to follow and to support, if you’d like. The protests are relatively peaceful and incredibly inspiring.

Cooper Union: Free Education to All

10. A Dancing Tune. For your week, you classy girl.

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