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City Grit.

May 2, 2013

If you are wandering around SoHo one Sunday evening, strolling down the brick laid sidewalk of Prince Street, you may notice a small crowd begin to gather at an unmarked building between Mott and Mulberry. The street artists will be taking down their life’s work that has yet to be sold, packaging necklaces and canvasses into large blue tubs as the crowd slowly starts forming a line, growing longer, inch by inch.

People passing by will begin to wonder what could possibly be going on. Neighbors will stop to stare at the building of little to no significance. A simple townhouse that displays the gray banner “WRK” to the left of the old walk-up with what seems to be an old workshop, left to collect city dust, sitting in the small concrete porch.

The unmarked building, 38 Prince Street, is home to City Grit.

City Grit

It’s an “RSVP-Only” type of place. When you walk up the steps to the old townhouse, you instantly realize this is not your average meal. You walk past rooms of antiques displayed in a way that you could stare at forever. When you finally reach the back room, it seems that the tables were set just for you and your private party, even though you know no one else in your group, except your date, perhaps. Seating arrangements were already created and you are placed at long tables with other people who will most likely become your friends.

The dinner menu, which you never know in advance, is plastered on the chalk board. Cheese plate, beet salad, fried chicken and dark chocolate and peanut butter cake. Dive in to the food and conversation with the ladies who are seated with you and enjoy the atmosphere, the surprises and learning about all things food.

City Grit | NYC

City Grit | NYC

This is Sunday Supper Southern Comfort at City Grit.

Doesn’t it sound marvelous? The food is spectacular — and this was just a casual night! City Grit is known for bringing world-renowned chef’s into this little townhouse to cook a family meal for thirty. Every meal is different as every chef brings their own flair. Some of the upcoming chef’s on the schedule include Chris Hastings of Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, Max Sussman from Roberta’s in Brooklyn and Jeremiah Bacon of The Macintosh in Charleston (one of my all-time favorite restaurants).

If you are visiting the city, check out City Grit’s schedule of events, here, so you can try to catch one. If you live here, this is a city must. (Learn more about the experience here.)

{Top photo via City Grit; Bottom photos via my iPhone — apologies for exposure}


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