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Good Mood Monday

April 29, 2013

*This is a very special edition.

About five years ago, in mid-May at the tail end of my freshman year of college, I was put in a small, white room for an interview for a board position with a wonderful student organization. Two things I did not know before I walked into Mason that day; I would a) get the position and b) meet two people who would have significant impacts on my life, Bri and Josh.

Bri turned into one of those lifelong friends that you simply cannot imagine fading away, like college friendships sometimes do. She is a year older than me and became a mentor in so many ways it’s tough to count. She moved to Chicago post-graduation but somehow found her way back to me in New York this past fall. She is supportive, honest, humble and my goodness, am I lucky to have her helping hands and creative mind around all the time.

Josh and I became acquaintances for the first half of my sophomore year and not much else. We chatted from time to time but never truly engaged in a conversation. It wasn’t until a hockey game that I noticed his humor and his uncanny ability to make me nervous. It was a culmination of a million witty and silly comments that night that led me to the point of knowing. Perhaps not knowing that I was going to spend the rest of my life with him, but knowing that it was worth a shot (since I had, in every capacity, sworn off even the thought of having a boyfriend for a very long time).

And, four years later, it’s still worth it. Somehow God’s divine plan led us together, through 2 very difficult distance years and 2 separate Ohio to New York City moves.

Today is Josh’s birthday. And he, 99% of the time, puts me in a really good mood. (I can’t even give him 100% on his birthday!)

1. A Man of God. The foundation of every strong relationship and one of the first things brought up in the conversation at the hockey game.

2. Sense of Adventure. When you meet Josh, the first thing you think will not be “adventurer”. But he has done so many things that create a need of the title. He moved to New York City, he loves to travel (Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Paris, Nice, and millions more to come), loves to try new food, and took a chance on our relationship, just to name a few.

3. Sense of Humor. This kid is hilarious. Pretty much every sarcastic comment that comes out of his mouth makes me giggle or roll my eyes.

4. Relationship with Family. Probably because of his sense of humor, he gets along pretty well with my family. My family may tell you they disagree but I promise, they are kidding. And I fit pretty perfectly with his, from what I can tell. There is nothing that can impair a relationship more than the love and support (or lack thereof) from the families that surround you. I admire his love for where he is from and the pride he shows when we discuss our families.

5. Sports. However unimportant you may deem this subject to your relationship, it is the a huge part of Josh and I. I could not truly love a man who does not love baseball, college football and college basketball as much as me. Thankfully, Josh loves them all more than I do – and questionably loves them more than he loves me. (Just kidding, I hope.)

6. Ease. Our relationship is far from perfect but we have an ease to us that I so greatly appreciate.

7. Foodie. We love food. A lot. So I am lucky to have someone to try new restaurants with on a consistent basis.

8. Those Eyes. They are either green or blue. I never know. They are lovely.

9. Gentleman. You know he opens every taxi door for me. It never gets old.  

10. A song, that obviously reminds me of him. But every song reminds of him because he sings them all.

Psst… Sorry for gushing but when I write about everyone else at some point, the man I am spending my life with deserves some love. Happy birthday buddy!

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  1. sara sklenka permalink
    April 29, 2013 8:54 pm

    Haven’t read an Al blog post in a while. This was a good one. Those Eyes hehe


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